How to overcome Depression

How to overcome Depression


Depression is an awful illness. If you suffer from it, it can make your life a living hell. Thoughts of self-doubt, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, insomnia or oversleeping, feelings of anger or irritability, loss of energy, strong feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness or guilt, problems concentrating and suicidal thoughts are all common symptoms and can all make life seem pointless.

Then there is the stigma, that even in the 21st century is still attached to mental illness. People with depression are sometimes thought of as weak and stupid and told to “just get over it”, which of course just makes the depression worse. 350 million people suffer from depression globally, and less than half of them get any kind of treatment for it because of this stigma, which is just terrible.

”DESTROY DEPRESSION” is a system built to to help you take back control over your own life, mood, and emotions, doing it with natural ways that are often overlooked. The sad truth is that depression medication is often failing you, or making you fell even worse then before them. I consider the system to be a set of methods teaching you to improve your body’s production of the so called ”happy hormones” , mostly dopamine and serotonin, which are proven to be key elements in successful fight against depression.
The creator of the system is James Gordon. He suffered depression since the age of 14, and to make things worse, at the age of 35, he was witness
to a friends suicide, that lead him to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
By his own testimony, the medication he was prescribed proved to be ineffective, often giving him negative side effect, trapping him in a vicious cycle of desperation. One day he decided to walk out of the doctors office, and to try to deal with the problem on his own. He started researching everything he could find on depression. After a great amount of articles, books, and consultation with some specialist, he developed his 7 step plan, which we now can see in his ”Destroy Depression” e-book.



The system is split into 4 sections (see picture above):
  • Destroy Depression main E-Book which explains why most  of the products on the depression market are ineffective, and in which Gordon explains how our thoughts are processed, how information is categorized, and how we can use this knowledge to break the cycle of depression.
  • The Depression-Free Mediterranean Diet Book – a free diet book containing foods that help your body naturally increase the levels  of ” happy hormones” and improve your mood.
  • CBT Workbook and Tools – intro into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, explaining how your brain interprets events and how you can change and remove any negative beliefs. A crucial step in battle against depression, laid out and explained in a simple manner.
  • Goal-Setting Workshop – important step of the process, where you will be setting goals for yourself. They will be reachable and realistic, but not always easy to achieve. This is a step towards overcoming depression, and a better lifestyle as well.



  • Easy to Understand
  • Free Lifetime updates  – you will continuously receive free updates, whenever James finds out something new, and updates his system.
  • There are no technical aspects of the course that will confuse even a novice to mental health. The scientific approach is well explained and you will feel the effects on your body and mind within just a few short days of starting the course. It is well laid out and very simple to follow.
  • The extra bonuses such as the lifetime of updates, diet book and especially the CBT Workbook and Tools manual add great value to the product as a whole.
  • Teaches you to be your own Life Coach
  • This is not a simple “ABC” course. It will teach you to be your own boss and to be mindful of your thoughts and identify other areas of your life you are unhappy with, whilst also giving you the strength required to change them
  • Cost at just $37, the Destroy Depression System is far less than the cost of an hour with a personal therapist.
  • There is a 60 day guarantee, no questions asked money back guarantee making this a no-risk investment.
  • Great Product for Women and Men alike whatever your gender, race or background is, this book will be beneficial to you in your recovery from depression.
  • You download it in e-book format to your computer, laptop or mobile device, and can have it with you whenever you need it.


  • Not for Everyone. If you expect to get depression-free and live a happy life without putting any effort in then this system will not be for you. You’re going to have to follow the program and think about your life and putt in a huge amount of effort, especially in order to alter thought patterns, to see the results the system promises.
  • You have to WANT to get well. The results are amazing though should you finish the course. It is designed to get you in tip-top mental shape and banish negativity in your life that is fueling your depression. It is quite tough though, and you will need to be challenging aspects of your life that you may find uncomfortable to get the best out of it.



Destroy Depression is one of the rare products out there that lives up to it’s hype. Follow the system, and you are likely to see significant improvements to your mental health and your state of mind. In my personal opinion this is the best option for a long term solution to problems  with depression.

To read James Gordon’s story, and help yourself, or a loved one battle the horrible illness  that depression truly is



DESTROY DEPRESSION RATING                                                                                    10/10


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